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School Work Comparison

School Work Comparison: What Does It Wanna Ask You and What Should It Look Like?

Each student encounters time with some written work that verifies his / her knowledge and ability to understand the subject. In this article, we have prepared a comparison of the most common school work that high school and college students have to elaborate during the school year or semester.

Seminar work

Seminar work is a matter of mainly university students who can meet them very often in some fields.

Seminar work is written in connection with some professional seminar, which may or may not be compulsory for students. Their aim is to search literature and other literary sources. The student should prove during their processing that he / she can orientate himself / herself in the given topic and can cope with work of a similar nature. Seminars often serve as a preparation for a later bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

Most of the work is about 10 pages long. In addition to the text itself, structure and formatting are also important. The seminar paper should always also be given a title page with the author’s name, the title of the work, the year, the designation of the subject and the subject. There must also be content, introduction, conclusion and a list of used literature. Some works may include a practical part. In the end, there is often a presentation before classmates. In short, it is such a small bachelor or diploma.

Term paper

Another type of paper at university is semester work. Semestral students are the result of the student’s work during one semester and are a condition for successful completion of the course. In secondary schools, the term semi-annual work is rather used.

Essentially, the semester does not differ from the seminar paper. However, during semester work, a student usually has more time, which may affect the number of pages required. One of the differences between a seminar and a semester is therefore the range that is often 10–15 pages. As well as seminars, in addition to the theoretical part, semestral work also has a practical part. Formatting is very similar. Again, citations and references to scientific literature are an important part.

Stylistic works

You can meet with the stylistic works mainly at elementary or secondary school within the subject English language.

When writing a stanza, it is important to focus primarily on the theme and style. A common problem with students is that they turn off the subject when writing, which does not have a good impact on the resulting assessment.

You can get the task of processing a narrative, a reflection, an essay or a characteristic from a stylistic structure, with each structure having a different structure that needs to be known and followed. Similarly, each essay must contain an introduction and a conclusion. However, its scope is variable and always depends on the particular assignment and style.


Papers are very popular in high school, both for teachers and pupils. Teachers like to give them, so pupils can easily improve their grades.

This is a brief summary of a scientific article or a short text on a subject of interest. The scope of this kind of written work is usually between 1-2 pages.

Especially the structure is important when writing a paper. In the first place, each paper should contain an introduction, the text itself and the conclusion. An important part of the papers is also pictures, graphs and a list of used literature.

Whether it is a seminar, a semester, a paper, or a phrasebook, you will surely be able to get one. And if not, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help you with the preparation of documents.

Argumentative essay: master this specific discipline

The argumentative essay is a specific literary form in which the writer expresses his opinion and tries to defend it on the basis of well-founded facts. Perfectly managing an argument essay does not only mean succeeding in your school work. You will also use the acquired knowledge in everyday life to defend your own attitudes.

Don’t underestimate preparation

The basis of any written work is a thorough collection of information and careful preparation. This is especially true of the argumentation essay, where it is necessary to understand the various opinions and to create one’s own opinion, which needs to be followed by a solid foundation.

Once you have enough information, do not be afraid to start a discussion with your surroundings that will give you a different perspective on the problem. You get more arguments or more easily understand the views of people you don’t identify with.

Suggest the content of your essay

Many students underestimate the importance of the content of the work. However, his design right from the start is important and often tells you what to write about.

First write down the arguments for and against and state the facts found. Then sort them by importance and weight. Those that aren’t so important will be erased and thought of if you are missing one.

Once you’re done, start designing your work structure. In the first place, there should always be an introduction to introduce your theme and take a certain attitude. The following is the actual text of the work, or the article, in which you will focus in more detail on the topic and explain your views in more detail. Remember to write in the active family and prove the facts by referring to literary sources. At the end of the essay, summarize your arguments that you presented in the work.

Attract readers to an interesting introduction

Just as the first impression of an appointment is important, you should also pay due attention to the introduction of each job. The introduction is the first thing the reader will encounter in your essay. He should lure him and persuade him to read with enthusiasm.

Give strong arguments

First of all, you should trust and identify with the arguments in your essay. If this is not the case and you simply did not have much choice when entering a job, try to imagine for a moment that you are someone else. It will need a great deal of empathy and enough understanding for foreign views.

Once you have the necessary opinions, find out the facts. However, draw only from trusted sources to give your arguments a solid foundation. It is also very important to stay on one side when writing and not to go to one another. Be very careful and make sure you have a clear view in your mind.

Refute the strongest anti-argument

As part of the argumentation essay, it is good to mention a strong counter-argument and try to disprove it. As a result, your argumentative essay will be much more convincing and your opponents will get their strongest weapon.

So go to work, so you can soon reward yourself for a job well done!

6 important parts of every school work

Every work should be primarily in the form. It is clearly stated what it must contain and what you should definitely not forget when writing. Its structure is just as important as the content itself, so be careful. Now we will focus on 6 important parts of every job where students often make mistakes.

1) Title Page

The first page of the work is the title page, which is used to identify the author and the title of the work. This is a stand-alone side. It is also very important that the cover sheet must have a form that needs to be followed. You can find the form of the title page for the bachelor’s or master’s thesis in the methodological manual for the elaboration of the final thesis, which may differ from one school to another. The title page sometimes includes the full name of the faculty and the institute, the year of submitting the work, and an indication of what kind of final thesis is involved.

Sometimes the title page can also be replaced by a header that also contains the title of the work and the author’s name. In this case, these are mainly papers and some seminar papers.

2) Affidavit

An affidavit is especially important for final theses. By signing it, the student confirms that he has written the work independently and using the literary sources listed. Often the affidavit text is strictly given and it is not appropriate to invent one’s own. You can find its wording in the Guidelines.

3) Correct numbering

It is not advisable to underestimate the correct page numbering. Who does not yet have much experience with writing similar works, often expects to be numbered from the first page. But the opposite is true. For example, for final works, numbering usually starts from the beginning. The first pages count, but the number should not be visible here.

4) References

Every author of this work must draw from credible sources – scientific articles and publications, textbooks and the like. Subsequently, at the end of the thesis, they create a list of used literature. But such a list must have a uniform style and form. The form usually depends on the student himself, but should be in accordance with the citation standard (ISO 690 and ISO 690-2). For example, Harvard style quotes are ideal.

5) Content requirements

The text of the work always starts with an introduction, continues with the text of the work itself and ends with a conclusion. In doing so, he / she should demonstrate the student’s ability to formulate ideas related to the issue and to cope with her critical analysis.

In the introduction you should briefly write basic information, set goals of your work and possible hypothesis. It is also worth mentioning its potential practical significance. In the end, on the contrary, you will summarize the whole work, your findings, and evaluate whether you have achieved your goals.

Both the introduction and the conclusion should ideally be in the range of one page, the longer the text is usually not appropriate, as it loses its original function to briefly summarize or summarize the whole work. Within the text of the thesis, a maximum of three chapters are recommended.

6) Uniform formatting

Formatting work should be uniform. Often, Times New Roman, font size 12, and 1.5 spacing are used. Text indentation is also important. You can find this information again in the Guidelines.

Once you’re done, read the instructions once again to make sure everything is right and missing. We keep your fingers crossed.