What Kind of Dissertation Literature Outline Does a Student Need?

What Kind of Dissertation Literature Outline Does a Student Need?

One common misconception about dissertation writing is that it involves outlining one’s work to compose an impressive document. This is not the case. To be successful in writing your dissertation, you need to arrange your ideas clearly.

In this case, the literature review section of a dissertation chapter is meant to organize ideas in a straight-forward manner.

The literature review in most dissertations is meant to showcase the nature and extent of research on an area of study. It provides insights and outlines the research gap and potential methods for the current study.

A proper literature review strategy should include the current state of knowledge in the area of study and the potential benefits and barriers to the research. A decent literature review should also indicate gaps and add support to existing body of information on the topic.

Dissertation literature review should also include a strategy for evaluating the research and offering recommendations for further research.

Depending on the type of research you are doing, you may or may not need the dissertation literature review. In which case, a clear and concise approach to the literature review must be included.

In this article, we shall look at the structure that is applied in this section of a dissertation.

The Literature Review in a Dissertation

It follows then that a dissertation literature review should be organized in a hierarchy. The organizational element of a literature review is intentional to highlight the source of information in the dissertation. Hence the relationship between the author’s research and that which has not been previously covered.

From the sources highlighted in the literature review, the reader should have a clear picture of the area of study’s current state. The primary goal of the literature review is to inform the reader of the literature structure. It is your avenue of convincing the reader of the relevance and validity of the research area.

However, the literature review also provides a framework for the potential research gaps and methods used to evaluate the data. It helps the reader know how to go about finding additional insight into that gap.

When doing the literature review, many students assume that they will be reviewing the information that is already known about the research area. The trick is to think critically about the gaps that you think need further exploration. You then identify the research methods that might help you shed more light on the question or question you intend to answer.

Tips for Writing a Dissertation Literature Review

In most cases, writing a dissertation literature review is a bit complicated for most students. However, these tips should help you write a decent literature review.

  • Research the literature systematically
  • Brainstorm
  • Keep notes
  • Ask questions

In this regard, your instructor or supervisor will be the final authority in determining if your literature review is good.

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